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Sarada Rice


Sarada Rice takes pride in being the leading rice brand in the market, offering finest quality rice that delights our valued customers with its traditional taste. Our rice is carefully crafted using high quality paddy and modern techniques with exceptional care and maintenance, ensuring a product that is superior to other rice brands.



“Maa Sarada Rice Mills & Industries Private Limited” is a part of the prestigious “Maa Sarada Group” and holds ISO-9001-2015 & ISO-22000-2005 certification, which is a testimony to our commitment towards excellence in rice production.



We offer a range of superior rice brands, each tailored to specific paddy varieties, and all of them have established themselves as market leaders. Our primary focus is to provide high quality and highly nutritious rice to our customers.



Guided by the expertise of Mr. Navin Shroff, Chairman, Maa Sarada Rice Mills & Industries Private Limited.., which has devoted more than 25 years to Rice business, we have flourished in this industry.



The overwhelming love and support from our customers has made our rice the preferred choice of many.



We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been a part of our journey. The encouragement and affection of our customers motivates us to maintain our commitment towards excellence and continue to offer best quality rice in future as well.



Our motto, “Eat Well, Stay Healthy”©, emphasizes the importance of consuming high quality rice for a healthy and strong life. We are dedicated to expanding our presence in the food sector across India and welcome all well wishers and interested parties in the food business to collaborate with us.



Together, we can reach new heights and take our high quality rice to more people across the country.



At Sarada Rice, we take great pride in our dedication to quality and nutrition. Our state-of-the-art advanced processing techniques ensure that each grain of rice retains its natural nutrients, making it a nutritious option for health-conscious individuals.



Our commitment to quality starts right from the procurement of paddy. We carefully select the best paddy from trusted farmers who follow sustainable agricultural practices. This careful sourcing allows us to maintain consistency and deliver rice that meets the highest standards in taste and nutrition.



To ensure the safety and hygiene of our products, we follow stringent quality control measures throughout the entire production process. Our ISO certification stands testimony to our unwavering commitment towards food safety and customer satisfaction.



In addition to providing exceptional rice, we strive to build a strong relationship with our customers. We value their feedback, and it drives us to continually improve and innovate our products. We believe in transparency and open communication, ensuring that our customers are informed and assured about the Sarada Rice of their choice.



Our vision extends far beyond being a market leader; We aim to be an enabler of positive change in the agriculture sector. We actively promote sustainable agricultural practices and support welfare initiatives for our farmers. By contributing to the betterment of farming communities, we create an impact that benefits society at large.



As we grow and expand our presence across India, we remain committed to our core values: integrity, quality and customer-centricity. We aim to be synonymous with rice excellence and be a brand that people trust and cherish.



We invite you to be a part of our journey, whether as a customer, a partner, or a well wisher. Together, we can continue to make Sarada rice a symbol of premium quality, nutrition and taste for generations to come.



Thank you for being a part of our Sharda family and sharing our passion for high quality rice. With your support, we look forward to reach new milestones and bring more smiles on the faces of our valued customers.



“Eat Well, Stay Healthy” © With Sarada Rice, Your Trusted Partner for Healthy and Tasty Rice!

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