About Sarada

About Sarada

‘HOUSE OF SARADA’ as the name suggests is your go-to place for a wide variety of goods and services all under one roof. We take immense pleasure in introducing our associates- the extensive and diverse selection of products and services including food, hotels, import, export, architecture, online and offline services, manufacturing, distributorship, agency, broker, support engineering, commercial software, property management services and much more. We strive to satisfy all the varied demands and preferences of our devoted clients while delivering unmatched quality and perfection in all we do at affordable prices. Our passion for quality, innovation, and client satisfaction fuels all we do.

Sarada is a well known brand and the first choice among customers for a variety of needs whether they be seeking culinary delights, architectural expertise, or a seamless online shopping experience. We offer higher standards of quality and make sure that each good and service we give is extraordinary. To ensure that every client has a memorable and enjoyable experience, our committed staff work tirelessly to innovate and get better. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve.


Your one-stop shop for a variety of online and offline services is House of Sarada. From traditional meals that capture the spirit of culture to cutting-edge fusion concoctions that stimulate the palette, we offer a tantalising array of culinary delights. We combine creativity and usability to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that represent your own taste and meet your functional requirements. 


As we are aware of how important convenience and effectiveness are in today’s fast-paced society, we have customised our services to perfectly fit your needs. We work hard to go above and beyond your expectations in every engagement, whether it’s through personalised offline services that put your comfort and happiness first or online shopping experiences that put a world of items at your fingertips. We provide comprehensive solutions that increase the value and profitability of properties, from property acquisition and development through tenant management and maintenance.


We aim to connect global markets by facilitating the exchange of goods and services and also to provide quick and easy transactions by examining logistics and international trade laws. We also aspire to source and transport goods anywhere in the globe with vast network and experience, which would promote economic growth and create solid commercial ties. 


House of Sarada serves as a link between producers and consumers in its capacities as a distributor, agency, and broker. We use our broad network and in-depth understanding of the sector to match the appropriate products with the appropriate markets, fostering fruitful collaborations and fostering economic development. 


The offerings of House of Sarada include support engineering and commercial software services. We serve businesses with our technical know-how and creative solutions to meet their operational and technological demands. Our staff of knowledgeable experts makes sure everything runs smoothly, with effective procedures, and at peak efficiency.

We invite you to explore the world of House of Sarada and discover the vast array of products and services we offer. Come along on the ride as we discover the true meaning of excellence, innovation, and first-rate service.

Welcome to the House of Sarada!

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